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46 47 The term ley or ley line denotes a series of straight alignments of ancient sites such as standing stones, hill forts, sacred springs and ancient churches, many of which have connections with dragon mythology. The longest of the English leys is the St Michaels line of dragon sites that stretches along the May Day sunrise line from the westerly tip of Cornwall through St Michaels Mount, Glastonbury, Avebury and Bury St Edmunds. Recently, two huge serpentine energy currents have also been discovered by dowsers following the alignment one is male and follows the high places, often churches dedicated to St Michael the other female current stays low and passes through wells, springs and churches dedicated to St Mary and Margaret. Another long straight alignment traces an alignment of sacred sites across Europe. This too appears to consist of two dowseable currents, one male Apollo and one female Athena forming a huge landscape caduceus across Europe, marking the passageway of the Earth Spirit. dragon lInes Above Englands Michael Line joins the easternmost and westernmost tips of England and is supported by a pair of serpentine energy lines which pass through a vast number of ancient sites. Opposite The ApolloAthena line, with its similar pair of male and female energy currents. These start out in Ireland passing through sites dedicated to Michael and Mary respectively, but by the time they reach Greece are passing through temples dedicated to Apollo and Athena
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