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14 15 feng shuI the azure dragon The art of Feng Shui fung shway, or wind and water, evolved some 2500 years ago in China. It is used is to select an auspicious site and design for a building, one where the earths vital spirit or cosmic breath chi in Chinese is balanced. The topography of the landscape, its mountains, waterways and valleys, have all been formed by wind and water it, in turn, affects the local flow of these powerful forces. There are four symbolic creatures involved in Feng Shui a hill resembling a huge Black Turtle should lie to the north, to the south the Red Phoenix suggests open vistas, sunshine and water. In the east the all important Azure Dragon rules jagged rocks resembling a huge spine, and the White Tiger in the west indicates low, round smooth rocks. As the Azure Dragon is Yang and male, so also are mountains, large rocks, steep waterfalls and ancient pines. The White Tiger represents Yin, the female principle, ruling lowlying places, valleys and damp spots. A diviner of Feng Shui will study the raised portions of the land, the veins of the dragon, in relation to the valleys, and note auspicious places where there is a harmonious balance of Yin and Yang. The ideal site, or Dragons Head, is best found beside a hill which rises to the east, northeast or southeast, with one precipitous face and the other sloping gently down to a valley to the south. In general the most favourable position for a structure exists when, looking out over a sparkling stream or slowly meandering river, the hills of the azure dragon are positioned to the left and a mountain supports your back. Good fortune and prosperity should follow. But beware of any dead straight lines pointed at you in any way, these can form a dangerous killing breath the opposite of naturally flowing dragon energies. Top The Azure Dragon above a landscape which has the required high hill with one precipitous face and another sloping gently. Bottom The Azure Dragon can fly without wings. The only winged Chinese dragon is the Proper Conduct Dragon, seen here.
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