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10 11 Nagas are the semidivine, semihuman serpent spirits of Indian origin who are known throughout South East Asia. The Naga King Mucalinda is reputed to have sheltered the meditating Buddha from chilling winds and rain for seven days, protecting him with his hoods and coils. Another legend holds that the king of Ancient Cambodia married a reptilian Naga princess from a huge Pacific kingdom, from whom we are all descended. Nagas and the female Naginis are depicted in three different ways completely serpentine human with serpents emerging from the back of the neck and half humanhalf serpent. Their natures are also threefold being animal, human and divine. Reputed to dwell in the waters of springs, lakes and rivers, Nagas control the waters, from clouds, rain and fertility to floods and droughts. Mahayanists divide the Nagas into four groups divine Nagas who produce the clouds and the rain earthly Nagas whose duty it is to make sure that all outlets are open and that rivers are running freely hidden Nagas who guard the treasures of the world and heavenly Nagas who, as Guardians of the Threshold protect the heavenly palace and also the temples of many major and minor deities. Guardian Nagas are often portrayed as coiled serpents with human heads, protecting the mysterious sacred pearl of divine wisdom at the centre of their labyrinth coils. FuHsi, the ruler of the mythical third age of China 28522738 BC, and his consort Nu Kua were, reputedly, both Nagas. They are portrayed with their tails entwined in a fourfold pattern. the naga Left FuHsi holds a compass and Nu Kua a plumb line and a set square measuring implements to create order out of chaos. Right A Nagini stone relief from Gondwana, India.
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