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Contents Introduction 1 What is a Dragon 2 Tiamat 4 Yggdrasils Dragons 6 The Sign of the Goddess 8 The Naga 10 Chinese and Japanese Dragons 12 Feng Shui and The Azure Dragon 14 Dragons of the Americas 16 The Hydra 18 The Constellation Draco 20 The Firedrake 22 Typhon 24 The Draconiopides 26 The Worm 28 The Wyvern 30 La Wouivre 32 The Basilisk 34 The Amphisbaena 36 Holy DragonSlayers 38 Heraldic and War Dragons 40 Dragons in Alchemy 42 The Serpent Power 44 Dragon Lines 46 The Rainbow Serpent 48 Monsters of Another Age 50 The Earth Dragon 52 Gazetteer of Interesting Dragon Sites 54 Appendix of Chinese Dragons 58 His horns resemble those of a stag, his head that of a camel, his eyes those of a demon, his neck that of a snake, his belly that of a clam, his scales those of a carp, his claws those of an eagle, his soles those of a tiger and his ears those of a cow. Wang Fu, Han dynasty, describing the nine features of the Lung Dragon
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