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56 57 While working on Earths energies with her myriads of frequencies, you may occasionally come across a few which are not in resonance with the place or person. All natural earth energy is benign but sometimes it has been influenced by a less than pleasant human consciousness, and as a result of this can generate feelings of discomfort or even fear. Practiced dowsers can ask for these to be changed to healing frequencies in a way that does not affect any other being. There are many ritualistic ways of doing this with crystals, stones, metal pipes and even burning effigies, but if you are coming from the right place, all you have to do is ask. The effect can be extraordinarily beneficial and the process is very simple. In dowsing we have a tool which stimulates senses beyond the usual five. It is one way of letting us recognise the limitations of our present perceptions. With the realisation that the social, spiritual, and moral restrictions which have historically controlled our thought patterns can be questioned, modified or lifted comes the freedom to make our own decisions about the lifestyle we would like to follow. Each of us needs the courage to accept the responsibility for the results of our decisions. We can all do it if we work together with love, care and concern for the earth in all its manifestations. BeyOND tHe veIl quo vadis
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