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54 55 Dowsing deals with perceptions of events and objects which are normally hidden. Remote viewing is a highly specialised version of the art where the viewer develops an ability to tune, with a high degree of concentration, to specific targets anywhere in the world and beyond. Restrictions of time and travel no longer apply and experts can see locations, situations and actions as they are happening. Accurate viewing requires a considerable mental discipline but this can gradually be acquired with practice by honing standard dowsing techniques. The trick is to transfer the complex energies which normally cause the rod or pendulum to move in a simple yes or no, into the creation of a mental picture of the event. Unfortunately some of the more advanced talents in this exciting field have been persuaded by military and political experts to spend a lot of time in embassies trying to find out what the chaps next door are doing, and this tends to restrict the natural development of the skill. When we get beyond this archaic, sometimes paranoid, application of this wonderful human talent and more of us become proficient viewers, we may all have to think about becoming more honest. Difficult to cheat in business or run a war if the other side knows what youre up to. This major dowsing breakthrough could one day help mans evolutionary progress simply by forcing us to be more open with each other. remOte vIeWING through the curtain
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