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52 53 There is no reason why our minds should be trapped in our earthly perception of time. The concept of dowsing out of present time is perfectly valid, but it needs a very special mental discipline to be sure of correct answers. Start by bracketdowsing to find the age of grandmothers antique cameo pendant, check its age with an expert in the jewellery field, and use it to tune into the period. Once youve done that you can dowse normally holding the cameo in your hand as a witness, but of course you will have to train your mind to prevent an inadvertent return to now. Practice age dowsing on an newlyfelled tree trunk. Have it checked by a dendrochronologist. If you have difficulty in saying it or finding one, count the annular growth rings yourself. There are many talented experts in psychometry. This is an ability to access facts about objects, events and people by handling artifacts and tuning in to their past. Its a form of dowsing and works remarkably well when you have learned to prevent your rational mind from interfering. Future events open a different can of worms. This is divination rather than dowsing and the confusion of the two terms triggered quite some opposition from the Church based on their interpretation of Deuteronomy 1810. In my opinion it cant work because I believe that the future holds an infinite number of possibilities. Not many dowsers win the lottery. tIme a way to move through
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