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50 51 There is a mystical excitement when first feeling dowsing tools move of their own accord, but none can touch, feel, manipulate and create as delicately as our own human hands. These can be programmed in the dowsing mode to a sense of awareness extending far beyond the skin. Learning to detect the bodys ethereal boundaries with hands is a wonderful experience which profoundly changes our relationship with all of creation. However, it is of the greatest importance not to intrude on people, animals, plants or landscape when dowsing, and permission should always be obtained from whoever before starting. Try pressing thumb and forefinger lightly together and becoming aware of changes of feel as you work. Eventually you will find you are able to sense things without the response from your hands. Many people progress to a point where they see energy as coloured lines of light and some can apparently move into whatever environment they are researching. Dowse with rods or pendulums to identify shapes and images drawn by a friend, and you will gradually develop a form of telepathic communication which works without tools. Deviceless dowsing can be used to mentally lock on to a water course and follow its meanderings, and is useful for work in sensitive areas where the obvious use of tools might cause offence. It can help discern sources of geopathic or social stress, or locate lost people, animals, car keys and dematerialised pairs of glasses. BeyOND tOOlS our sensitive hands
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