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48 49 A direct response between the earth and human consciousness seems impossible because of the language barrier between two such different beings. We have enough trouble communicating with dolphins who have to drop to their babytalk to get down to our level. The earth, however, seems to be looking for solutions by responding to stimuli and manifesting geometric symbols at power centres in her energy field. This response alone is awesome, almost beyond belief, but dowsing has shown that the recently discovered spiral shape pulses with the rhythms of the earth, the cyclic movements of moon, planets, sun, the state of our minds and doubtless many other factors of which at the moment we are unaware. Experiments have continued with ancient and modern artifacts placed on the energy centres and while by no means all of them stimulate a dowseable response, many of them activate a positive if sometimes asymmetric mathematical shape. We have found that natural energy forms can be profoundly affected by prayer and meditation and that the extent of any changes in the field pattern seems to be in direct proportion to the degree of mind concentration applied. Not enough work has been done to come to any form of conclusion but this is an exciting new field for dowsers to work on, perhaps in conjunction with specialists in geology, resonance and magnetic fields. eartH eNerGy reSpONSeS the common language Artifacts placed at energy centers produce individual dowseable shapes.
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