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46 47 Druid legend has it that there are twelve main lines of energy round the world, not necessarily great circles, but joining and feeding the great power centres of the planet. These pathways are the equivalent of our spinal cord but earth has twelve because shes big and round. The crossing places are very special and pulse with vortices of energy which connect with the universe. They are the gateways where peripatetic beings can come through into our density to learn and perhaps guide how we behave. Joining these pathways are lesser energy lines which split, divide and subdivide endlessly, covering the globe on, under and above the surface until they are small enough to contact the energy centres of the minutest creatures and basic elements of the planet. There is a growing interest amongst lateral thinking scientists and mathematicians in the perception and investigation of these natural fields and their effects on our biological development, particularly in the light of recent work on the measurable effects of sunspot activity on the earths magnetic field. The concept of being at one with the universe is easier to accept with this vision in our thoughts, and dowsing for its reality can make an important contribution to the expansion of our minds. Its a lot of fun, too. eartHS eNerGy FIelD cosmic internet
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