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44 45 All over the world there are sacred sites which have long been connected with stories handed down through generations of indigenous people. These mythical folkmemories are an amalgum of occult knowledge and profound spiritual awareness, and they have so many factors in common worldwide that some form of prehistoric communication between sites must have existed. Ethnic groups from Texas to Tashkent, from the Kalihari to Kabul and from the Chilean Andes to China each developed a special reverence for their local sites, and their legends show that while there are some differences in their interpretation of events and manifestations, there are positive connections between them which are contrary to accepted historical record. Possible global earthenergy linkage structures have been suggested by Berenholtz of Los Angeles, Coon of Glastonbury and other international writers and thinkers. The energies of sites like Mt. Shasta opposite top, Machu Pichu, and Uluhuru are as varied as the cultures which previously understood them, and as more and more people tune in to their frequencies, the old links between these sacred places are expanding and increasing in strength. Dowsers are taking the opportunities now available to visit and assess similarities and variations of energy manifestations at these glorious, stimulating planetary acupuncture points, and are finding that exposure to the powerful energies is a richly rewarding experience. Its a lot more exciting than lying on the beach. SacreD eartH global links
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