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42 43 Sacred sites and energy lines must have been of paramount importance to the ancients. It requires a disciplined society with unwavering convictions through generations to create monuments like Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. Even the lesser stone circles scattered around country required monumental effort to create, and we are fortunate that the old ones chose this method of permanent marking. Dowsing a sacred stone circle to access its energy field is a rewarding exercise. There are often eight energy lines round the perimeter which seem to act as sensors, switching on the field for any consciousness willing to tune in. Find the power centre not necessarily the geometric centre in the usual way and from that point pick up the energy spiral. A number of lines radiate like irregular spokes of a wheel from the centre, each one passing through a stone. Each stone is connected to all the others, every one has its own spiral and radials, and the resulting field is a complex, vibrant energetic web lower right opposite. Take time to dowse the separate magnetic fields of each stone and carefully phrase the questions you are prompted to ask. One of the most powerful sites in the U.K. is on St Michaels Mount in Cornwall where two pairs of strong global earth energy lines meet in perfect harmony creating a vortex of peaceful stimu lating space where cosmic energies connect with the earths field. No spin doctors on this network. SacreD SIteS centres of power St. Michaels Mount, Cornwall, where two pairs of global energy lines cross. The Michael and Mary lines run NESW, whereas the other pair hop over to Mont St. Michel, Bourges and Cluny in France, on through Sacra di San Michele, Pisa, Siena, Assisi and Promontaro Gargano in Italy, then through Delphi and Athens in Greece where they go by the names of Apollo and Athena and finally off to Mount Carmel and the Holy Land.
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