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38 39 There is an inconceivably vast and complex network out there which makes our primitive internet look neanderthal. Each one of us is already linked in, and while for a time we lost the delicate art of tuning in to the whispering energies of the universe, dowsing has reopened a door for us to return to our evolutionary birthright. Every field, garden and house has its own energy centres and you can locate the most powerful one in the same way as you found the kitchen sink. Work with it consciously and ask if you may communicate with it. It will respond to the right approach by manifesting energy lines like the spokes of a wheel in straight lines from the centre. Walk slowly round the point asking the tool to show you where the lines are. Mark them on the carpet or grass. Usually they are bunched closer together in one or two directions and its likely that other earth energy connections come in at these points. Walk in towards the centre on each radial not necessarily in sequence and ask to be shown where any other manifestation crosses the line. When youve located and marked them all youll find a perfect Fibonacci spiral winding out from the centre. This is one of the basic building blocks of the universe and is so awesome that your hair will probably stand on end. DOWSING tHe eartHS FIelD free connection
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