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36 37 A staggering number of Gothic cathedrals were built in twelfth century Europe under the guidance and support of the Knights Templar. Their aim was to use their newly acquired knowledge of telluric currents earth energies, resonance, sacred geometry, space, and colour to create stone monuments which would inspire mankind to reach ever higher levels of spiritual development. They were acutely aware that the etheric human senses are profoundly affected by underground caves and dolmen, and often chose to place their new structures on these recognised and established power points. The choice of site was delicate and deliberate, making the best use of the earths pure energy, one of its greatest but least understood gifts to us. The caves became crypts below buildings constructed by trained master craftsmen who used stressed stone and sound in geometric harmony to create the numinous balance of vibration and resonance. For budding dowsers there is no more awesome place to practice earth energy work than around a cathedral. As the complexities begin to unravel its possible to glimpse some of the sophistication of the knowledge behind the space, structure and its relationship with the earth. Cuts us down to size a bit. catHeDralS sacred knowledge
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