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34 35 Many, if not most, ancient churches are built on sacred sites which were used as meeting places for social, ritual and spiritual events long before the Christian era. Succeeding religious authorities recognised the power of these places and, by superimposing their structures on them, sought to preserve the energy while establishing the new dogma. Earth energy is cosmopolitan and reacts to genuine prayer and ritual irrespective of which deity inspires it. Unfortunately there is no simple structure to energy patterns in churches now through the ages eager clergy, anxious sinners and their builders have moved fonts and altars, and arranged for endless alterations of the present buildings with little understanding of the earthenergy balances which provide the ambience of sanctity, peace and purity. It often happens, with a good vicar and a congregation who attend for the right reasons, that the main power centre of the church stays firmly in position on the centreline of the building, and about six inches in from the front of the altar. These are the churches which feel welcoming when you enter and its interesting to check the energy centre in the usual way, using discretion in the use of dowsing tools. Many of the priesthood are very much aware of the energy fields and their effects. In fact quite a number are dowsers, but its always better to have a quiet word first to avoid offence. cHurcHeS discretion is the better part
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