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32 33 Our bodies dont end at the surface of the skin we are surrounded by assorted energy fields which some people can sense but few of us discern with our five senses. The aura is very basic and we have a number of other main biomagnetic fields called chakras which we share with every animal, insect, plant, stone and minipiece of matter in the universe. Through them we are connected to everything on earth and finally to the cosmos. Dowsing is a way of perceiving these fields as a reality. Use a pendulum, bobber or rod to show you where the aura starts. It will register at a point around twelve to thirty inches away from the body depending on the health of the volunteer and where he or she is standing, and as you follow the contour round it will show how the biofield varies in depth in certain places. If its depleted at any point it could indicate that there is a potential problem in the area or that a physical defect is already there. Luckily you can help revitalise the aura and chakras by directing energy at them using your fingers like a pistol. Some of the chakras are very subtle and its easier to dowse them with your hands. Youll probably get a slight tingling or a feeling of resistance like a soft balloon. BODy eNerGIeS cHakraS an extra dimension
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