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30 31 There is a growing awareness that health risks may be associated with the proliferation of chemicallysanitised processed foods, and dowsing can provide an interesting new level of interpretation as to whether our intake is beneficial or otherwise. It can also be a useful tool in the medical field to access information on allergies. Use a pendulum, single rod or bobber, leaving the other hand free to move. The standard yes or no technique works well if you run your finger down a list of chemicals, medicines, foods, drinks, dusts, pollens, stings and so on, asking the tool to indicate whether the subject is allergic to any of them. Its a quick way of eliminating the harmless ones in what can otherwise be a time consuming business. Probably more importantly you can find out what is good for you. Fortunately Lagavulin comes very high on my positive list. The rate of the swing of the pendulum, the speed and force with which the rods turn I make flattened handles on my rods to give me a feel of the movement, or the rapidity of the motion of the bobber can soon be recognised and assessed in a sort of personal Richter scale of one to ten. Some dowsers use calibrated scales to help analysis. Using the same methods you can find out which potions have a healing effect, and whether its okay to have another dram. HealtH allerGIeS a handy tool
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