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28 29 The concept of dowsing from a map or chart seems to trigger disbelief. It is, however, perfectly logical, since the essence of dowsing is to find things which are normally hidden. The map or chart in itself is not important, but acts as a representation of the area of search which enables you to create a dowseable reality. Once you are in there you can work in the ordinary way. One method is to triangulate from three points of the map so that you can pin a position with three directional lines. Or with a bobber, single rod or pendulum you can use the square grid system by slowly moving a finger along two sides of the map, asking if your target is in the row your finger is on. After youve done it both ways you end up with one small square. Use a pencil to do the same operation in miniature. The larger the scale the more accurate you will be, so blow the guilty square up on a photocopier, of course. Many a cellphone and mudspattered rabbitchasing terrier have been thankfully restored to their owners using these methods. Specialist dowsers, who have to be very respectable, use maps to help the police find drugs, bodies and top secret laptops left in bars by MI5. American and British military dowsers have been involved, amongst other things, in underground tunnel, booby trap, and mine detection. map cHart another reality
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