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26 27 Huge amounts of time and money can be saved by the quick and accurate location of old foundations, sewage tanks, cables and drains. Archaeologists tend to have to take earth out by the thimbleful and a spot of dowsing can work wonders. Directional dowsing is a useful start. Having decided exactly what you are looking for, find the direction of the target from where you stand by simply asking the tool to show you just as you practiced with the kitchen sink. From a circular motion the pendulum will change to swinging in line with it. Rods will swivel to point at your objective from the site perimeter. Y rods will dip or rise in the right direction as you turn around. Move closer in the direction youve found and start defining your needs more clearly i.e Show me a corner of the old wall, tank or Roman bath. With small objects ask the pendulum to whistle round, rods to cross, or bobbers bob directly over the medieval glass eye or priceless torque. You can now use your yes or no bracketing technique to find out how old your treasure is and discover how deep you have to dig in the usual way. BuIlDINGS arcHaeOlOGy time savers
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