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24 25 WaterpIpeS StreamS easy to check You probably have a rough idea where your watermain is, so try an experiment Walk slowly across the area with dowsing tool at the ready, fix your supply pipe firmly in your mind, ignore the curious stares of your neighbour and ask it to show you the position. No bells will ring but rods will turn, pendulums swing, and Yrods move up or down as your hands cross the pipe. Mark the position and try it again a couple of feet nearer the house until you have a positive line of points. One way to find the depth is to stand on the line youve just found, walk slowly away from it at right angles and ask the tool to move at a distance equal to the depth of the pipe. This is known as the Bishops Rule. Another way is to use your simple yes and no by bracketing. Stand over the pipe and ask if it is between one and five feet down if yes, ask if its between one and three feet, and so on. Go into inches if you want to be really fussy. Deal with underground streams in the same way. With your yes and no you can also find the width, direction of flow, flow rate, purity and whether you should add it to your whisky.
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