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22 23 The sole purpose of a witness is to assist in concentration. Any help to improve visualisation of the target is valuable and witnesses can be pieces of pipe, wire, metal, wood, or phials of water which can be conveniently held in your hand or attached to your person. Professor Henri Magers witness is a circular disc about four inches in diameter which is divided into eight equal sections of various colours which help to discern different qualities in water. Rod dowsers use one rod while the other hand indicates the different colours of the witness. Yfork people sometimes need six fingers. There is no doubt that using a physical reminder of the target helps to keep the mind from wavering. Its difficult to lug a drainpipe about, but then they are easy to visualise. An equally important discipline to learn is in phrasing the right questions. They have to be clearly defined, positive, and geared to receiving precise answers. Like working with a computer you get a reaction to your input, not a reasoned response. If the answer needs judgement of any kind the request isnt valid. Aim to narrow the field of search with each succeeding question until you nail the target. Its disconcertingly easy to get answers to the question you think youve asked and be totally mislead. If your tank runs dry and you dowse for the distance to the nearest garage make sure you ask for one that sells petrol. WItNeSSeS QueStIONS helping to focus Mortimer ready for anything
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