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20 21 Get used to handling your chosen tool. Its easier if youre not too ambitious or anxious at first. Work with it sitting, standing, walking, indoors, outside in the rain or under the bed until you are completely familiar with its movements. Cheat a little to start with. Place a rope, cable or pipe on the grass or carpet and approach it with your eyes open, asking the tool to show you where it is. Now do it with eyes shut and preferably alone to avoid distractions. Get a friend to hide a bottle of your favourite wine in the garden, or a playing card under the carpet, and see if you can find it. Repeat, repeat, and repeat the exercise until your confidence grows. Its all about tuning your mind. The aim is complete relaxation in body and thoughts but keeping one tiny part of your mind totally concentrated on the target. The dowsing tool provides a physical response to receptors in your consciousness which are capable of probing beyond normal sense horizons. 100 concentration makes youre right every time, very boring, and you can walk through walls, so a little humility helps. Above all dont despair if you cant do it first time. It is only a matter of practice and if you really need a drink youll find the bottle. FIrSt trIalS feeling the magic
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