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18 19 practIce next steps forward Working on the hugely important yes and no will have given you a chance to judge your responses to the different tools. When youve decided which one you prefer, practice with questions like where is the kitchen sink. The tool will soon get the idea and point in the right direction. Try dowsing separate glasses with bottled water, tap water and red wine, asking if they are okay to drink. Now try it with water from the drain. Check the red wine to see if a few more would do you any harm. Dowse to see if the cheese youve left in the fridge is alright for you and your family to eat. If not would it be good for the cat The answers will be yes or no but shouldnt be acted on until you have a lot of faith in your dowsing capability. Use your chosen weapon to find out if its going to rain when you go shopping. Will everyone be happier if you do go and visit your motherinlaw Should you just drop everything and go to Ibiza Above all practice your new talent, even though you do get wet between shops.
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