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16 17 The first essential is to establish a trustworthy yes or no. Hold a pendulum in front of you with the cord between your thumb and forefinger, with the weight around six inches below your fingers. Swing it away from you and allow it to move freely. Concentrate and ask it firmly to show you a yes. In its own time it will change from a back and forward to a circular motion. Check to see if it is clockwise or counterclockwise. Repeat the process for no and youll find it revolves the other way. Practice this repeatedly until the pendulum becomes a natural extension of your hand. The tool sometimes changes its mind so check your yes every time before starting to dowse. Using two rods, hold them in your hands about fifteen inches apart. They often cross for a yes and open out for no. Once theyve decided, they dont usually mess about like pendulums. A single rod gives a strong result. Hold it in front of you in your working hand, moving it slowly forward as you ask the question. If it turns the answer is yes, if nothing happens the answer is no. Yrods and bobbers do not respond for no and leap about for yes. uSING tHe tOOlS a simple start
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