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14 15 Rods can be bent from welding or brazing rod or chopped coat hangers. Leave about 45 inches for the handle and crop wee bits off the long end until the balance feels good. Hold them level about fifteen inches apart in front of you in each hand like the Sundance Kid and relax. Pendulums consist of something flexible tied to a weight. The cord can be thread, string, chain, or plaited hair from your partner. You should have some rapport with the weight, like a favourite old ring, locket or miniature bottle of Lagavulin. Crystals are fine if you are careful but they sometimes have memories which can confuse your results. Hold the cord about 6 inches above the weight at first to get used to its movement. It will start wobbling about even when your hand is still. Yrods can be cut from a willow or hazel in the shape of a fork, or split from a single branch, or made from carbon fibre or wire rods fixed together at one end. These have to be tensioned to work see opposite. Bobbers can be whippy sticks or wires with springs and knobs, like the one below. makING HOlDING tOOlS rods, pendulums and Yrods
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