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12 13 There are almost as many variations of tools as there are competent dowsers. Some are ingenious and some downright hilarious a Californian one made from bent wire in the form of a continuous Greek Key pattern was five feet long and had to have a piece of broderie anglaise on the end. It doesnt matter in the least, as long as it works. To work it has to be a comfortable link between the mind of the dowser and the target, the tool acting as an amplifier of the dowsers reactions. Most people learn with one of three types, anglerods, pendulums and Yrods, but some prefer a form of bobber or a wire loop. Y rods were originally preferred because they could be conveniently cut from a hedge near the site where they were to be used, while bobbing sticks at this time were usually thin, sometimes shaped, slightlycurved branches. The Romans used pendulums, and rods developed later as metal became available. Some practiced dowsers use their hands, with fingers moving in unison like a bunch of little L rods, or with their thumbs throbbing on forefingers. New materials such as carbon fibre have allowed dowsers to create imaginative, lightweight, sensitive and discreet tools to help them in their searches. tOOlS as long as they work Choose your weapon telescopic rod by Alan Heiss folds to pocket size and extends to 25 Handforged bespoke rods in iron from Hamish Guy Underwoods tricky wire loop device Y rods in discreet carbon fibre 8 long Copperhinged horse whips
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