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10 11 prOtaGONIStS blazing the trail In the last few decades an international array of dowsers have applied their talents to an expanding range of dowsing disciplines. Terry Ross from Vermont could find water for villages in Mexico by instructing a surrogate dowser over the telephone, and wrote that dowsing could lead ultimately to cocreation with nature. Bill Lewis of Wales had an awesome talent for finding objects in all parts of the world without leaving his home, and Roger Brown from Australia accurately recorded complex manifestations of earth energy field changes for a hundredmile radius around Adelaide. Russian specialists like Pluzhnikkov could pinpoint mineral resources and archeological remains, and paranormal expert Neklessa developed a unique combination of pairs of scientists and mystics working together using advanced dowsing techniques to investigate the reasons for the failure of historic civilisations. Many doodlebuggers across the USA are finetuned to locate obscure oil deposits, while Elizabeth Sulivan of Wales is recognised by the authorities as an expert on the location of humans and animals by map dowsing. Colin Bloy in Spain initiated a sophisticated form of the dowsing process in the delicate art of healing, additionly applying it to the energy centres or haras of towns and villages to improve the quality of life of people living there ... the list is endless and confirms a global interest in the art.
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