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1 INtrODuctION The delight about dowsing is that everybody can. Some better than others, but it usually depends on how much practice you put in. Like playing golf, a piano or making love you seem to get better the more you do it. The old dictionary definition was uncompromising ... the use of pendulum or rods to find water or minerals ..., but happily in recent years there has been a considerable breakthrough in the appreciation of dowsing ability. A more informed establishment recognising the increased scope and importance of the art has redefined it as ... the use of apparently paranormal powers to make discoveries. So dowsing has undergone a paradigm shift from the useful but relatively mundane science of finding water sources, lumps of metal and old drains to the realms of a spiritual search into the mysteries of human consciousness and its relationship with the earth. There is a practical, exciting journey waiting for everyone interested in the skill. It can lead by progressive expansion of thought to perceptions far beyond the normal restrictions of our five senses. Better to start simply, learn the use of the various tools, find the one which suits you best, and grow slowly. Penzance, April 2002
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