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4 Dedicated to Mortimer, and all who are prepared to take responsibility for themselves and enjoy their own freewill. Contents History 2 Development 4 Pioneers 6 Practicioners 8 Protagonists 10 Tools 12 Making and Holding Tools 14 Using the Tools 16 Practice 18 First Trials 20 Witnesses and Questions 22 Waterpipes and Streams 24 Building Foundations 26 Map and Chart 28 Health and Allergies 30 Body Energies and Chakras 32 Churches 34 Cathedrals 36 Dowsing the Earths Field 38 Ley and Energy Lines 40 Sacred Sites 42 Sacred Earth 44 Earths Energy Field 46 Earth Energy Responses 48 Beyond Tools 50 Time 52 Remote Viewing 54 Beyond the Veil 56 Unreferred pictures are Practica Minerale by Marco Antonio della Fratta, 1678 above, Report on Mines by Georg Engelhard Lhneyss, 1617 page 3t, Speculum Metallurgiae Politissimum by Balthazar Rssler, 1700 frontispiece and page 5t. For further reading contact the British Society of Dowsers, 2 St Anns Rd, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 4RG, email, who have a splendid library and addresses of dowsing groups all round the world.
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