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Crop Circles

50 The Crooked Soley formation was harvested just a day or two after its appearance. Nobody but the farmer and his son saw it and only a few aerial photographs exist. This delicate depiction of circular mitochondrial DNA, inherited exclusively through the maternal line, was a construct of 504 standing diamonds of wheat. This was but one of the enigmatic number clues here. The twisted ribbon theme had been convincingly asserted earlier in the year at Stonehenge where a graceful 749 foot diameter wavy ribbon formation was precisely and respectfully positioned between a trio of burial mounds. Honey Street, though simpler, seemed to echo and refer back to Stonehenge. The Windmill Hill flower of six tightly packed petals surrounded a centre of five fine and shallow crescents. Tegdown Hill, meanwhile, elegantly linked two rings. Crooked Soley, 27th August 2002 Stonehenge, 4th July 2002 Honey Street, 16th June 2004 Below Windmill Hill, 22nd June 2003 Tegdown Hill, 9th May 2003 TwisTed riBBons swirls, twirls, curls and coils 51
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