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Crop Circles

48 pushing limiTs an exploration of possibility The gigantic 2001 Milk Hill formation was, without question, one of the most memorable and impressive crop circles we have ever received. Positioned on top of Milk Hill, the highest point in Wiltshire, it arrived after a night of rain. It was made of 409 separate circles, had a diameter of over 800 feet and, once again, was simply too large to be understood from ground level. Both Longwood Warren and Old Shaw village crop circles dealt with the geometry of eight. They are striking demonstrations of concentric and radial design strategies. Liddington Castle and Berwick Bassett formations below investigated the unfolding form of the convex equilateral triangle. At Liddington, the convex triangle is at the heart of the formation while at Berwick Bassett a convex triangle is both rotated and shrunk as it returns to the centre. Milk Hill, 12th August 2001 Longwood Warren, 23rd June 2001 Old Shaw Village, 28th July 2001 Below Liddington Castle, 24th June 2001 Berwick Bassett, 9th June 2001 49
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