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Crop Circles

46 shimmering ComplexiTy sophisticated doilies Positioned in the lovely field on the lower slope of Picked Hill, the sophisticated and beautiful crop circle there shone like a glittering mirage. Based on 44 radial elements and 14 concentric rings, many saw this as signalling 4414 227 or Pi . The North Down event of 2003 was formed of 11 concentric rings, each made with the same egg and dart pattern. Though each ring had a different circumference, the spacings between the individual decorative elements were precisely the same. Reinforcing the 2000 emphasis on Pi, the date of the Avebury Trusloe interference pattern formation was 22nd July, 227. Though visually impressive, the construction of this figure is remarkably simple. Though separated in time, Avebury Trusloe and Windmill Hill were neighbours in a charmed area. Their differing forms display a curious similarity. Opposite Picked Hill, 8th August 2000 North Down, 5th July 2003 Below Avebury Trusloe,22nd July 2000 Windmill Hill, 2nd August 2002 47
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