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Crop Circles

44 rope sQuares and sinuous fractals The South Field formation of 2002 was about 350 feet in diameter and opened what was to become an investigation of rope or cord squares. There is some speculation as to why the three squares here are nonconcentric the meaning of the specific eccentricity of the two smaller frames within the larger is yet another mystery. The Windmill Hill formation of 2003 modified the four corners in a curious way while in South Field in the same year, the representation of twisted rope was changed and an elaborate radial centre was added, made entirely of smaller components of the rope frame. Stanton St. Bernard and Windmill Hill below were both examples of curvilinear fractal forms, the former illustrating an ancient equation wile the latter broke entirely new ground. Windmill Hill 7th June 2003 South Field, 8th August 2003 South Field, 22nd July 2002 Below Stanton St. Bernard, 28th July 2001 Windmill Hill, 15th July 2001 45
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