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Crop Circles

42 The Alton Priors formation which was formed of twelve gigantic rings could be read as a torus, the doughnut shape which represents certain systems of subtle energy. Alton Priors and the Cley Hill hexagon were similar in size, both at something over 300 feet, but while Alton Priors was based on circular forms, Cley Hill was made entirely of twelve groups of fine straight lines which radiated out from a complex centre. Both formations were beautifully positioned on hillsides and easily viewed from nearby roads. They were utterly innovative in 1997 and remain the masterpieces of their type. Stanton Bridge and Thornborough were contrasting twelve folds and, side by side, also serve to show a part the range of what has been achieved by the progression and inventiveness of the crop circle phenomenon. Note that the central feature of Stanton Bridge is twisted to imply rotation. Our four dozens are bracketed, on the lowest row, by the elevenbladed turbine at North Down and the thirteenpointed star at Huish. These two formations were unprecedented in their use of numbers eleven and thirteen. Alton Priors, 11th July 1997 Cley Hill, July 14th 1997 Stanton Bridge, 4th August 2001 Thornborough Henge, 22nd June 2003 North Down, 25th July 2000 Huish, 20th July 2003 a few dozen onze treize 43
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