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Crop Circles

40 These three formations, all from 1999, show the seemingly unlimited inventiveness of the crop circle designers. The Hackpen Hill design shown here was 240 feet in diameter and was one of the more remarkable designs of 1999. Three thickening and diminishing plumes are beautifully swirled outwards from a triangular centre. The plumes are defined by two paths which join together to form a tapered point. Each of the points marks the start of a thin track, about 6 inches wide, which formed a narrow perimeter boundary. The Barbury Castle formation, with its elegant fine ring, had three gracefully overlapping crescents. On several occasions, balls of light were witnessed and filmed passing over the formation and the field. The deceptively simple design of the Beckhampton formation may be read as a modified hexagram or sixpointed star. Perhaps more tellingly it can be seen as two interlooped ribbons, each loop in the form of an equilateral triangle. Each ribbon becomes an elaborated Moebius strip, a device which, when folded as shown, has only one surface. Hackpen Hill, 4th July 1999 Barbury Castle, 23rd July 1999 Beckhampton, 28th July 1999 swirls and inTerweaves the elegance of overlaps 41
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