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Crop Circles

38 The pattern of West Overton was immediately recognisable. If cut out of card, folded and joined, the eight triangles would form an octahedron, one of the five Platonic solids. Windmill Hill, with its elaborate organisation of 288 circles caused great delight, but its negative twin, West Kennett, was a revelation. With their laid crop standing and their standing crop laid, these two formations were virtually the same. They were fractals of diminishing squares. The Chilbolton formation below, a complex array of small circles organised as equilateral triangles, is reminiscent of a mathematical fractal diagram known as the Sierpinski Gasket. It is interesting to compare Chilbolton with West Overton. West Overton, 23rd June 1999 Windmill Hill, 16th July 1999 West Kennet, 4th August 1999 Below Chilbolton, 12th June 1999 Triangles and sQuares towards higher dimensions 39
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