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Crop Circles

32 The beautiful Danebury formation was the first sevenfold to materialise, soon followed by the 300 foot diameter Alton Barnes heptagon with its recordbreaking 1.6 acres of laid crop. In the tradition of the 1997 Koch fractals, where the later formation had a central rosette, Tawsmead Copse, comparable in outline to Alton Barnes, developed a central feature. In 1998 a formation, uncannily similar to Bythorn page 26 appeared at Avebury Trusloe, followed by the two elaborate double overlaid pentagrams shown below. Bythorn curiously pointed south, an unorthodox orientation for the Star of Life, and Avebury Trusloe likewise was upside down. Dadford and Beckhampton, being double stars, pointed both north and south, but in both cases their upper star was correctly oriented. Tawsmead Copse, 9th August 1998 Danebury, 5th July 1998 Alton Barnes, 9th July 1998 Below Dadford, 4th July 1998 Beckhampton 8th August 1998 sevenfolds and penTagrams the eternal feminine 33
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