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Crop Circles

28 In 1996 a gigantic spiral composed of 151 circles appeared unusually during the hours of daylight just opposite Stonehenge. The geometric structure of the spiral which measured 915 feet along its spine, is unclear. Neither a Theodorus nor a Golden Section spiral, it was similar in certain aspects to one of the tendrils of the Mandelbrot set fractal. The design of the crop circle was literally too huge to comprehend from the ground and it was not until aerial photographs became available that an understanding of this huge and crucial event became possible. The impressive Windmill Hill design seemed to be a tripling of Stonehenge. The lay was particularly fine with the circles swirled in alternating directions. Another related formation at Alton Barnes below, known as the DNA, was over 600 feet long and also beautifully made. There were a total of 89 circles, of which 12 were in the spine. 89 is a number in the Fibonacci Series, an ancient proportional number system. Opposite Stonehenge, 7th July 1996 Windmill Hill, 29th July 1996 Below Alton Barnes, 17th June 1996 ConneCTing The doTs a spiral and a double helix 29
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