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Crop Circles

26 spinners and mandalas lessons in rotational geometry From the very start it was clear that the mechanism which made the circles was a spinning or rotational energy, but it was not until 1994 that two formations, Golden Ball Hill page 24 and Berwick Bassett, displayed an undeniably revolving design. They were twofold and threefold. In 1995 three more circles continued this theme with spinning stars a fourpoint, a five point and finally, towards the end of that season, a remarkable formation at Wheathill which included both three and sixpointed forms. There was clearly an ordered progression here. Four of the more elaborate mandalas of 1994 and 1995 are also shown. Each one embodied a different number system. Winterbourne Bassett 3, Bythorn 5, Froxfield 6 and Avebury 10. Wholly ordinary and unremarkable areas of crop were again transformed, in a moment, into places like shrines. Berwick Bassett, 28th May 1994 Alfriston, 31st May 1995 Kingsclere, Mid July 1995 Wheathill, late July 1995 Bythorn, 5th Sept 1995 Froxfield, 5th Aug 1994 Below Avebury, 11th Aug 1994 Winterbourne Bassett, 23rd July1995 27
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