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Crop Circles

24 orBiTs and asTeroids necklaces of precise planets The Star Map qualities of some of these aweinspiring 1994 and 1995 formations were undeniable. They were often known as Galaxies or Asteroid Belts. One of the more striking examples was at Golden Ball Hill, where the spinning arms tapered to the finest of points, reducing to a delicate singlestem veil of wheat. At Longwood Warren the following year the usual protocols of crop circle design were reversed. Normally the design is drawn in flattened crop. Here, the fine line, shown black on the diagram, indicates, paradoxically, a thin wall of standing wheat. In recent years, careful astronomical analysis of these diagrams has uncovered intriguing information. The planetary positions implied by these charts suggest very specific dates. Longwood Warren, 26th June 1995 Langton Herring, 25th June 1994 Alresford, 20th June 1995 Below Golden Ball Hill, 23rd July 1994 25
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