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Crop Circles

18 inseCTograms dodmen with ladders A remarkable feature of the 1991 season was the uniformity of the socalled Insectogram group. Their bodies were straight avenues, bisecting a fine ring and tipped by two circles of similar size on stalks. The stalks could only be seen as antennae. At their other end there was a slender halfring and a beautifully con structed ladder. They were all broadly the same size Chilcomb Down, for example, was 200 feet long. Dodman, historically, was the name for both snails and surveyors a curious link. Some researchers believe that the Insectograms represented snails, a creature venerated in Ancient Britain. Their shells were often buried beneath huge megaliths and their slimy trail is called a ladder. Unambiguous keylike formations also appeared in 1991. The East Kennett key, at over 300 feet in length, was particularly impressive. The precision of the laid wheat marked a zenith of crop circle craftsmanship for several years. Litchfield, June 1991 Upham, June1991 Stonehenge, 18th June 1991 Chilcomb Down, 7th June 1991 Below Alton Priors, 18th July 1991 East Kennett, 27th July 1991 19
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