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Crop Circles

16 dolphins twins and an isolated turtle With the exception of the little Hungerford Turtle, every design of the dolphin or whale set was duplicated. The four sets of almost identical twins, distributed through crop circle territory, were distinguished by their closeness to, or alignment with, ancient monuments in the area and the exquisite interlacing of lay and overlay in their floor. The Firs Farm Whale was as long as a real whale. Research showed that three of the dolphins were placed in the landscape to form a precise and gigantic 36 isosceles triangle. The 36 isosceles is a generator of the Golden Section and, in this case, had a dimension of nearly five miles. It fell to the lonely little brother, the Turtle, to put another theory finally to rest. He was discovered directly below power lines, thus proving that landing spacecraft could not be responsible for these marks. Hungerford, 19th Aug. 1991 Avebury Stone Avenue, 1st Aug. 1991 Firs Farm, 1st Aug. 1991 Waden Hill, 3rd Aug. 1991 Below Hungerford, 13th August 1991 17
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