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Crop Circles

14 rings BeTween CirCles halos and pendulums Working with only a small set of formal devices this group extended the range and variety of the early pictograms. The addition of boxes and halos, simple stylistic motifs, transformed unremarkable formations into powerful symbols. The resourcefulness of these artists is extraordinary. Design strategies were improvised around a limited range of shapes with apparent ease. The elegant Hazely Farm Fields formation with the subtle bend in its avenue was 250 feet long. It was a masterpiece of this type and was much photographed. There were three pendulums in 1991 and great attention was needed to distinguish one from the other. The Alton Barnes pendulum was the length of a football field. It is shown below overlaid with John Martineaus seminal pentagram analysis. Hazely Farm Fields, 3rd August 1990 Cheesefoot Head, 5th July 1991 Sompting, 25th July1990 Barnfield, 11th August 1990 Pepperbox Hill, 19th July 1990 Froxfield, 19th August 1991 Telegraph Hill, 16th June 1990 Below Alton Barnes, 2nd July 1991 15
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