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Crop Circles

12 alTon Barnes a shifting of gears 13 The historic Alton Barnes crop formation deeply affected all who saw it. At over 300 feet in length, it was the first indication of the impressive scale that future formations would be able to achieve. Using the paths and boxes of early 1990 it also incorporated enigmatic keys or claws. No single crop circle has received more publicity, and images of Alton Barnes appeared in national newspapers, on record sleeves and in television news reports around the world. Thousands of astonished visitors came to the field, which had been generously opened to the public by farmers Tim and Polly Carson. Many researchers cite Alton Barnes as their first mandatory invitation to visit the circles. On their arrival they were greeted by an awesome work of art longer than a jumbo jet and, without exception, they cite Alton Barnes as a personally transforming event. Alton Barnes, 12th July 1990 Stanton St. Bernard, 12th July1990 Below East Kennett, 27th July 1990
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