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Crop Circles

10 1990 was perhaps the season in which the Circlemakers truly started to demonstrate their prodigious skills. Earlier events had been fundamentally circular and explanations such as whirl winds, vortices, misapplied pesticides and animal activity were perhaps sustainable. Emotions ranged from delight to fury when 1990 produced not only straight pathways but also separate boxes with precise rightangled corners. How could nature possibly do that This was the year that also brought triangles, sinuous lines and formations measuring hundreds of feet. It was clear that a new phase of the phenomenons development had started. Five linear forms are shown here. The pathways and circles, rings and boxes are consistent features of this group but these components are arranged and rearranged with subtle authority. Chilcomb Down, 23rd May 1990 Chilcomb Down, 6th July 1990 Longwood Estate, 28th June 1990 Morestead Down, 30th June 1990 Below Crawley Down, 13th July 1990 paThways bridges between circles 11
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