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Crop Circles

4 CirCles and rings the carpet unrolls The appearance of simple circles and ringed circles marked the origin of the crop circle phenomenon. After the circle, its floor gracefully swirled clockwise or anticlockwise, we saw in the 1980s circles with a single ring, both swirled in the same direction. Next came the circle with the ring swirled in an opposite direction, a development surprising to some. The changing forms depicted an orderly evolution from unity towards complexity. In 1989 a circle with its centre meticulously swept into four rightangled quadrants appeared at Winterbourne Stoke, the first manifestation of the straight line which, unimaginable until then, was to play such a crucial role from 1990 onwards. Grapeshot was the name given to the tiny, randomly placed circles which occasionally accompanied formations. Unidentified Cheesefoot Head, 5th July 1986 Winterbourne Stoke, 21st Aug 1987 Longwood Estate, May 1990 Below Unidentified grapeshot 5
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