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Crop Circles

3 2 of Everything is deeply affronted by that which is doggedly enigmatic and stubbornly uncategorisable. We are troubled by anything which so consistently resists explanation. Yet, as predictably as the sequence of the seasons, each summer seems to adorn the English fields with works of imagination and beauty. Each year brings visitors to view these wonders and each season the scoffers and debunkers labour to trivialise the miraculous. Perhaps it is the intention of the crop circles to inspire us to stretch our consciousness to encompass the numinous, the inexplicable and the wonderful. We know that the shape, if recorded accurately, preserves the spirit of the crop circles for contemplation and study throughout the year. I have found, increasingly, that a consideration of the form, design, number and geometry help to approach an understanding of what might be the essence of the phenomenon. A visit to a crop circle remains one of the most compelling experiences available to us but the drawing board offers another doorway to insight. This is the third edition of this little book. The principal object is unchanged to group crop circles into formal categories. The work is based on careful drawings produced by Wolfgang Schindler, Allan Brown and myself. We have added examples of formations from the past five years Allan Browns comprehensive and concise geometry appendix is a distillation of the research and scholarship of those, not least himself, who have sought an understanding of the irrefutable order underlying the circles. These pages offer a mere aroma of vanished banquets. Many researchers, noting the absence of favourites, may be disappointed. Forgive me the task of constructing a balanced meal of such rich and abundant ingredients is almost impossible. The crop circle phenomenon is overwhelming in its scale, gargantuan in its range and breathtaking in its inventiveness. Perhaps our age which has had the hubris to postulate A Theory
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