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Crop Circles

1 INTRODUCTION The more thoroughly you describe, the more you will confuse. It is necessary to draw as well as describe. Leonardo da Vinci Circles and other shapes have been appearing in the crop fields of southern England since the early 1970s. The crop is not cut or harmed in any way the stems are bent over and they continue to ripen in their horizontal position until they are harvested. The phenomenon has shown a steady evolution in style and in geographical location. Though England remains the heartland, there are reports of events in over twenty countries. The crop circle season has acquired a mystical nature and a fiercely devoted, almost tribal, following. Like exotic migrating creatures, the crop formations visit their favourite landing grounds in Wiltshire and Hampshire every summer. Their devotees, perplexed and enchanted, gather to greet the seasonal arrivals. We cannot know when or where they will land or how many there will be. We cannot predict what form they will take or what lessons, year by year, they might bring. However, we can be sure that, at the end of the summer, the fields will be harvested. Only the photographs and the drawings will remain to confirm the reality of what we have witnessed. For many of us, a season of two or three months is far too brief. Barbury Castle, wheat, 370 feet, 17th July 1991
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