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Crop Circles

This book is dedicated to Louis, Ben and Max and to my dear colleagues in the crop circle community, too numerous to mention individually, with whom I share this unforgettable adventure, and in particular to my collaborators here, Allan Brown, geometer, designer, speculator and Genius and to John Martineau, my publisher, editor, designer and Genius, too. Both I am proud to say my friends. Above Whitsome, Berwickshire, 1990. Page 3 Formations at Manor Farm, Wanstead, 1990. Both by John Michell, from The Cereologist, No. 2, reproduced here with kind permission. Frontispiece Bishops Sutton, 20th June 1995. Title page Alton Barnes, Patcham and Keyston, summer 1991, and Patcham 1992. Introduction 1 Circles and Rings 4 Triplets 6 Quintuplets 8 Pathways 10 Alton Barnes 12 Rings between Circles 14 Dolphins 16 Insectograms 18 Creatures 20 Whirlpools 22 Orbits and Asteroids 24 Spinners and Mandalas 26 Connecting the Dots 28 Beautiful Snowflakes 30 Sevenfolds and Pentagrams 32 Circular Foam 34 Nines 36 Triangles and Squares 38 Swirls and Interweaves 40 A few Dozen 42 Rope Squares 44 Shimmering Complexity 46 Pushing Limits 48 Twisted Ribbons 50 Soaring Forward 52 Geometry Appendix 54
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