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Compact Cosmos

Planck mass mP 2.17645x108kg Planck temp TP 1.41679x1032 K StephBoltz.const. 5.67040 x108Wm2 K4 Rcp.fine str.const. 1 137.036 Rydberg const. RH 1.097373 x107m1 Wien disp.const. b 2.8977685 x103m K 1st radiation const. c1 3.741771 x1016 W m2 2nd radiation const. c2 1.438775 x102m K Lyman series ultraviolet n1 912 A n2 1216 A n3 1026 A n4 973 A Balmer series visible n2 3650 A n3 6560 A n4 4860 A n5 4340 A n6 4100 A Paschen series infrared n3 8210 A n4 18,761 A n5 12,830 A Brackett series infrared n4 14,592 A n5 40,532 A n6 26,300 A 58 MISCDATA Earth Std.Atmos. 101,325 Pa Atomic mass unit u 1.66054x1027kg Atm.mass eng.eqv. m u c2 931.494 MeV Avogadros no. NA 6.02214x1023mol1 Bohr radius a o 5.291772x1011m Boltzmann const. k 1.38065x1023JK1 Electron Mass m e 9.1093826x1031kg 0.5110 MeV Electron charge e 1.602189x1019C 4.8030x1010esu Proton mass m p 1.6726217x1027kg 1836.15 xelectron mass Neutron mass m n 1.674927x1027kg Faraday constant F 9.64853x104Cmol1 Fine struct.const. 7.29735x103 Gravitational const. G 6.6742x1011 m3 kg1 s2 Imped.of vacuum o 376.7303 Loschmidt const. n o 6.6867775x1025m3 Mag.flux quantumo 2.0678336x1015Wb Magnetic const. o 4x107NA2 Permittivity const. o 8.8542x1012Fm1 Planck constant h 6.6260693x1034Js Planck length lP 1.616x1035m Planck time tP 5.319x1044s Speed of Light c 670,616,422 mph, 186,282.4 miles s1, 299 792 458 ms1 Light year ly 0.306595 pc, 5,878,502,843,522 miles, 9,460,536,207,068 km Parsec pc 3.261 ly, 1.9173508x1013miles, 3.085678x1013km Astronomical Unit AU 1.5813x105ly, 92,955,791 miles, 149,597,892 km Earth Grav.Accel. g n 32.174 feet s2, 9.80665 ms2 Earth Escape Veloc. v esc 6.96 miles s1, 11.2 kms1 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Quarks Nucleus Molecule Sand Mouse Whale Asteroid Star Solar System Galaxy Galactic Wall Proton Atom Cell Insect Human Forest Planet Super Giant Glob.Cluster Super Cluster
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